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As a Dorfchalets Tauern SPA "Best Friends**** Partner all our Dorfchalets guests will receive on arrival a "Best Friend****" SPA Card, this will allow you unlimited access to the SPA and Sauna World. With the "Best Friends****" SPA Card your entry is guaranteed regardless of capacity. You can enter the TAUERN SPA via a VIP route so you don't have to wait, and visit us as many times as you wish each day for the duration of your stay at Dorfchalets.

If you want to avoid hassle, you need to cultivate peace & quiet.

Discover TAUERN SPA Zell am See-Kaprun in Salzburg - a modern SPA in Austria. Awaiting your arrival, is an microcosmic world of water, for sports activities as much as for relaxing moments in which you can just let yourself drift. Water here presents itself in all its wonderfully multifaceted ways: pleasantly warm or refreshingly cool, as a bubbling massage, on a rushing slide or health-giving, enriched with salt.

Immerse yourself in the pleasure of this superior SPA in Austria. In the different indoor and outdoor pools, in the spacious sauna area and in the extensive quiet zones - there is everything here that is good. There's no stress or hassle here at the SPA hotel. Discover the opening times and prices at the TAUERN SPA Kaprun.

Spa water world indoor:

An active pool with jet stream current, our Relaxpool with grotto, a high pool with waterfall, lots of peace & quiet in the different stage settings of the lounge areas. Water area approx. 730 m²

Spa water world outdoor:

Salt-water quiet pool, active pool, 25 metre sports pool. Water area approx. 810 m²

SPA SAUNA WORLD: Zell am see kaprun

The purifying effect of heat on mind, body and soul.

The warmth spreads gradually. With the sweet earth scent of warm wood and eucalyptus. Your skin tingles nicely and you feel as if you are in a private world: one long-awaited where there is all the time in the world to relax. Leave it for a cleansing trip to the sauna area, it will clear your head and relax your body. Be assured that you will not be disturbed and enjoy some quiet time far away from the hassle and distractions of everyday life. Snuggle down in the cosily, warm quiet zone . It will be good for your body...and also for your soul.

Facilities at TAUERN SPA Kaprun in salzburg

Finnish sauna, stove sauna, herbal bath, bio sauna, textile sauna, salt laconium, aromatic steam bath, spacious quiet zones, infusion sauna in the garden. There's an additional sauna area with various sauna facilities for guests in bathing costume. Further attractions and the outdoor area tops off the facilities of the spa sauna world in Kaprun, Austria.


Saunas and steam baths: SAUNA WORLD

If you want to survive stormy times, you need to find a quiet haven.

There are things that are healthy but not much fun. A VISIT to a SAUNA is quite different. It is in every respect enjoyable: your spirit is unburdened, your body can regenerate its energies, blood circulation is invigorated and your body's immune system strengthened.

Within our Spa Sauna World, you will find a variety of different saunas and steam baths, including Finnish Sauna, Bio Sauna and Stove Sauna. One very special feature is our Salt Laconium with a temperature of 55 degrees. In the aromatic steam bath, there are fragrances to relax or invigorate, as well as high humidity – sheer bliss!


If you seek wealth, you will find it in those tiny precious moments.

Not all saunas are the same. Some like it hot - and others warm. in our SAUNA WORLD we have right correct temperature for everyone. One of our highlights is the stove sauna, and at certain times, bread is baked and enjoyed afterwards at the Sauna Bar.

We also highly recommend the herbal baths and the Bio Sauna.

In the OUTDOOR AREAS, you will find our Herbal Infusion Saunas and cold plunge pool for short, in between, cooling off moments. we also have a sauna especially for guests in bathing costumes.

Relax entirely the way you wish.


Special sauna infusions

If you want to be a free spirit, be kind to your body.

A variety of saunas and steam baths await you at TAUERN SPECIAL INFUSIONS intensify the sauna effect on the metabolism of your skin, encouraging the elimination of toxins.

Our selection of creative sweat-inducing infusions range from salt, vitamin and beauty infusions to infusions accompanied by music.


Textile sauna

If you don't want to lose your equilibrium, you need to find an inner balance.

In addition to the large nude sauna area, there is a special place for our NTERNATIONAL GUESTS who have different sauna habits at home - a TEXTILE SAUNA AREA in which the wearing of a bathing costume is explicitly welcomed. Our textile sauna incorporating a finnish, bio sauna and steam bath - enables you to enjoy all the FUN of the sauna in your BATHING COSTUME. Have also a look at our outdoor area, quiet zone, special sauna infusions and steam baths.


Outdoor area

If you seek freedom, you mustn't allow yourself to get hemmed in.

The extensive SAUNA OUTDOOR AREA at TAUERN SPA is paradise on earth. This is where you'll find our STOVE SAUNA, a FINNISH SAUNA with its extensive facilities, a refreshing plunge pool and a cold Kneipp pool.

Allow yourself a short break from the sweat-inducing inner life of the sauna on a comfortable lounger in the meadow. enjoy the STUNNING PANORAMIC VIEWS - before you get up again to discover the herbal bath or the salt laconium.


Quiet zone

If you don't want to lose your perspective, you need to find your inner balance.

Peace & quiet has become a rare commodity in recent times: at TAUERN SPA however you don't have to look far. Rediscover WELLNESS and serenity in our comfortable QUIET ZONE in our SAUNA WORLD.

Here, you can celebrate the art of doing absolutely nothing. relax, recuperate and reconnect with yourself in between two warming sauna sessions on one of our comfortable loungers.

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